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What this page needs to achieve


  • The page is a recruiting tool to grow our market of junior and family golfers.

  • Juniors lead to families and vise versa.

  • If we get this right, we are potentially recruiting 3 or 4 at a time!

  • Most golfers don't 'get' what junior programs are all about, we must enlighten them.

  • Nobody knows about 'Family' golf, because we are the ONLY ones who do it (I think).

  • This is fundamentally a 'sales' page, the viewer must know how to 'purchase'.

  • We can link to MyGolf for Junior and Family starter programs.



  • Graphics (images first, videos eventually) at top to entice them to browse.



  • Usually needs to know what the programs are about.

  • First paragraph is precis of how juniors and families benefit from golf.



  • Most will be looking for 'programs' rather than 'coaching'.

  • Some are looking for choices, clear listings by paragraph.


  • Page flows from information (at top) to sales pitch (below).

  • Writing is in a 'me' style, future tense.

Get into golf

  • Juniors play with friends

  • Families play together (family time)

  • Healthy outdoor fun

  • Life skills, especially self discipline

  • Making new friends

Golf is for the young

  • Get into Junior golf

  • Junior golf classes

  • Junior golf league

Golf the whole family enjoys

  • Get into Family golf

  • Family golf classes

  • Family golf league