Welcome to Tropics Golf 0

Located in the heart of the suburban west of Townsville, resting beside the Bohle river, Tropics golf course is the most enjoyable golfing experience in the north. Boasting over 300 days of sunshine, our Magnetic Coast climate provides year round access to golfing fun.

We are an asset and an part of the community that surrounds us, an oasis where families, friends and neighbours escape and enjoy their leisure time. Our fantastic 18 hole layout, spacious driving range and modern golf shop are open and welcoming to golfers of every age.

Since July 2017, Tropics has it’s eyes firmly fixed on the future, continuously improving the golf course for you to enjoy and assembling the finest team of experts and professionals to deliver the finest level of service in golf. We are moving golf in a new direction, serving the community of families that we live in.

Come and enjoy your Tropics Golf experience, where everyone is welcome.

The Tropics Mission


Welcome 1

Tropics is the second home for golfers

Tropics is where every golfer belongs

Tropics is where you WANT to play golf

Tropics gives you more access to play

Tropics delivers exceptional service to exceptional golfers

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Tropics is THE enjoyable golf experience

Tropics is where you PLAY golf

Tropics golf is relaxed and relaxing

Tropics makes golf easy to play

Tropics enjoys you enjoying yourself

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Satisfaction 3

Tropics is the first choice for golfers

Tropics is a golfer first facility

Tropics golf course is constantly improving

Tropics cares about your golf experience

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Future 4

Tropics leads the rebirth of golf

Tropics is building the future of golf

Tropics is changing, improving and growing golf

Tropics is two years old with two hundred years of knowledge

Tropics golf lives in the 21st century

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​​​Innovation 5

Tropics redefines the golf experience

Tropics innovates, not imitates

Tropics is the leader in golf

Tropics is the latest in golf

Tropics is NEW golf

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Family 6

Tropics golf is a part of family life

Tropics is a family first facility

Tropics brings your family closer, playing golf

Tropics IS a family

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​​​Community 7

Tropics golf is where you live

Tropics is a community dedicated to enjoying golf

Tropics enriches the community that you live in

Tropics gives to the wider community

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​​​​Why play golf


What golf is for you 8

Golf is a fun, healthy, outdoor activity for everyone

Golf is fresh air and sportsmanship

Golf is making new and lasting friends

Golf is an oasis in the hectic modern lifestyle

Golf is bringing the family closer by playing together

Golf is self discipline, serving you well in your domestic and working life

Golf is achievement, sharpening you career prospects

Golf is being part of a strong and close community

Golf is balance, coordination and movement skills

Golf is concentration and decision making

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What golf does for you 9

Golf indulges you

Golf challenges you to be better

Golf rewards your achievement

Golf encourages your self improvement

Golf offers you relaxation

Golf allows you to escape you woes

Golf teaches you about yourself

Golf permits you to play your own way

Golf sharpens you mind

Golf provides moments of pure ecstasy

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