Social Golf Events

Feature (upcoming) Events

Regular competitive events

for instance: Inde-Pennants League Sunday golf league (our Brothers)

Annual events

for instance: Charity Days VW Scramble

FUNgolf events

for instance: Big hole golf Fan showdowns Foot golf

Participation events

for instance: 'Active fairway' times

Contributed events

Events that have been suggested by golfers and run successfully by Tropics

Challenge Events

for instance Battle of the badges

What this page needs to achieve


  • This page is about selling participation in social (non handicap and handicap gofer) events run by and at Tropics.

  • We need to list (and cover) upcoming events.

  • A gallery (perhaps) style presentation of successful past events will help drive participation.

  • We have a "Your Golf Event" page for event conveners, which we should link to from this page.

  • We should have a paragraph (precis top) to outline each different event on our list.

  • We are also inviting suggestions for events, there should be info about how to make suggestions, if not a link to 'contact us'.



  • Needs to know that these events exist.

  • Titled graphics



  • Needs to know what and when the event are.

  • Visible precis text on/with graphics.

  • Precis top on each short 'event' paragraph



  • Needs to know how to participate in the events.

  • Click on, either link to anchor, or underlayed text

  • Short text (a sentence or two) in each 'event' paragraph.


  • Just the facts ma'am

Events for you

  • Precis of each event type that you can be part of

  • How to be part of the event

Previous Events

  • Precis of each event type that Tropics has run successfully

  • Notable results (eg for the community or charity) from previously held events

Your Suggestions

  • Essential elements for your event

  • How to make your suggestion