Social Golf Events

Feature (upcoming) Events

What this page needs to achieve


  • This page is about selling participation in social (non handicap and handicap gofer) events run by and at Tropics.

  • We need to list (and cover) upcoming events.

  • A gallery (perhaps) style presentation of successful past events will help drive participation.

  • We have a "Your Golf Event" page for event conveners, which we should link to from this page.

  • We should have a paragraph (precis top) to outline each different event on our list.

  • We are also inviting suggestions for events, there should be info about how to make suggestions, if not a link to 'contact us'.



  • Needs to know that these events exist.

  • Titled graphics



  • Needs to know what and when the event are.

  • Visible precis text on/with graphics.

  • Precis top on each short 'event' paragraph



  • Needs to know how to participate in the events.

  • Click on, either link to anchor, or underlayed text

  • Short text (a sentence or two) in each 'event' paragraph.


  • Just the facts ma'am

Events for you

  • Precis of each event type that you can be part of

  • How to be part of the event

Previous Events

  • Precis of each event type that Tropics has run successfully

  • Notable results (eg for the community or charity) from previously held events

Your Suggestions

  • Essential elements for your event

  • How to make your suggestion


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