Your Golf Event

Your Golf Event Choices 1

Host your Golf Event at Tropics

Charity Days, Networking Days, Work Outings, Social Clubs, Celebrations and more

Great green fee and cart deals for any size golf event from 20 to 100 players

Gift packs, food hampers, drinks packages, before and after game catering, plus much more

Take a load off, we can run the whole golf event for you, just supply the players

We can promote your golf event, check in and start your players, compile your results and MC your prize presentations

Use our expertise to put the finishing touches to your golf event

Customised score card for your golf event, cart allocation cards, course maps, the whole shebang

Or just book the games and carts for your golf event

The best golf event you’ll ever have is here at Tropics

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Get your golf event going 2

So you would like to host a Golf Event …...

First thing, talk to our golf events manager to find the best plan for you

We work with you to prepare for your event

Running the day is a breeze with the Tropics expertise

Enjoy your golf event experience

Work with us to make your next golf event even better

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Your Celebration Event

Your Celebration Event Choices 3

Fun central for your Celebration

Weddings and receptions, parties, gala dinners are just the start

Levels of event - bare bones through to semi serviced (mid level) ???

Room hire, setup and take-down

Food and beverage service, fully stocked bar

Our caterer or yours? Full service kitchen attached to event room

(Large) air conditioned, fully carpeted upstairs room with golf course vistas

Full surround balcony for outdoor mingling

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Get your celebration event going 4

Got a party or reception and need a great venue …...

First thing, talk to our celebration events manager to find the best plan for you

We work with you to make sure that every detail of your celebration event is just right

Enjoy your smooth as silk celebration with the Tropics polish

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Events Gallery

I think that any galleries located on the web page for either Golf or Celebration events should present as static, self explaining  images, which may or may not be click on for video. Ie No text or tags.

‘Click-on’ pdf’s should be where we put the titled and tagged galleries, along with menus and other such details. I don’t know whether we should include prices (most sites I’ve seen don’t) or just tell them to talk to our ‘celebration events manager’.