Tropics Golf Shop

What this page needs to achieve


  • At the moment, this page is about come-on-in to our wonderful golf shop.

  • Later, there will probably be an online shop, which may, or may not change the significance of this page.

  • We want to attract the eye, so that we can attract the mind.

  • Lots of visuals and real estate style at that.

  • Price promise (what is the promise?)



  • Will see that we have an attractive, well stocked golf shop.

  • Will see that we do more than just sell gear (repairs, hires etc)

  • Heavy emphasis on graphics, then headlines.



  • Will see the kind of items we stock.

  • Will see what that pricing is competitive (we have sales).

  • Will see what else we do besides sell golf gear.

  • Precis, graphics



  • Will see how competitively priced we are (price promise).

  • Will see what is on special and what's just in.

  • Will see that we do repairs and golf hire.


  • Being a come-on, heavy on the eye candy, easy on the text.

Sales, Specials and the Latest Things


Promo (poster?) announcing:

  • A broad range sales booster or promotion event

  • Limited line special pricing

  • You beut new stock just arrived on the shop

My Price Promise

James Christo>

What exactly is our price match policy anyway?

Products and services


  • Static gallery perhaps

  • Photos that demonstrate the size and range of products that the golf shop carries