Better Golf


Start playing golf 1

Golf is easy when you start it well

It only takes an hour to Get Started in Golf

Getting Started in Golf is FREE

Get Started in Golf with your friends and family

Golfers Get Started every first Sunday morning of the month

You can Get Started in Golf with your own friends and family group at any time

Get Started in Golf by booking with the golf shop staf

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Learn, to be a better golfer 2

Once you’re hooked, you Learn About Golf

The Learn About Golf pathway takes your game where you want it to go

Learn About Golf with your family and friends

Learn About Golf to start playing right away

Learn About Golf every Sunday during school terms

You can Learn About Golf with your own friends and family group at any time

Start Learning About Golf by booking with the golf shop staff

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Coaching, to enjoy your golf 3

Team up with a coach to get the most from your golf

One to One lessons to cure your golfing ills

Coaching Packages to boost your game

Long Term Golf Game Coaching to achieve your goals

Book a FREE Evaluation with the golf shop staff to get into coaching

Join a coaching group to improve together

Group golf campaigns and challenges

Group golf classes and Leagues

Create your own private group classes for four or more

Talk to our golf shop staff to book into a coaching group or create your own

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Junior Golf


Golf is for the young 4

Juniors get more from golf than just golf

Healthy, outdoor, sporting FUN

Juniors make new friends

Juniors learn life skills; honesty, socialising, self-discipline and more

Juniors learn physical skills; coordination, balance, movement and more

Juniors learn sporting skills; playing by the rules, fair play, competing and more

Juniors learn achievement; setting and reaching goals, progressing to higher levels, lowering scores and more

Juniors learn a game they can play for the rest of their lives

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Get into Junior Golf 5

Juniors, Give Golf a Go to try the game

Juniors try out the game with Give Golf a Go

Give Golf a Go is FREE

Book with our golf shop staff to Give Golf a Go


Juniors learn the game in MyGolf

Juniors who like the game Get into MyGolf

Juniors lay the foundation for a lifetime with MyGolf

MyGolf is a ten week learning program run during each school term

Book with our golf shop staff to Get into MyGolf

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Junior golf is growing 6

Juniors grow their game in the Junior Leagues

Young golfers move into the Junior Leagues after completing the MyGolf program

Junior Leagues develop golf and life skills for young golfers

Fun Junior League training with friends on weekdays during school terms

Juniors put their training into play in League Games each Saturday during school terms


Junior Excellence takes young golfer’s games to the top

Young golfers are invited into Junior Excellence to realise their potential

Junior Excellence takes golf and life skills of young golfers to the next level

Junior Excellence is conducted in small groups, dedicated to self improvement

Junior Excellence golfers test their skill in Junior League and Tropics Club Competitions

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Golf, the whole Family enjoys 7

The family that plays together grows together

Golf is one of the very few sports that the whole family can truly play together

Give Golf a Go or Get Into Golf, then Learn About Golf as a family

Learn and play golf as a family each Sunday afternoon during school terms

Join the community of families and friends that Learn About Golf

Our golf shop staff will book your family in to Learn About Golf

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Golf for Everyone


Everyone can enjoy Events at Tropics 8

Variety is the spice of Tropics golf

Enjoying your golf is Tropics first priority

You won’t need an ‘official’ handicap to play

Tropics has a golf event for you

Tropics golf puts your family first

Tropics golf supports your charities

Tropics golf serves your community

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Our Golf Events for You 9

Tropics golf is the new ‘black’

Learn About Golf - Families play together on Sundays

Family Pairs - Family feud for golf, one Sunday each month

Tropics Sunday League - Ambrose teams, one Saturday each month

Footy Leagues - Support your favourite footy team at golf

Chook Run - Stir up the Stableford, every Friday

Tropics Charity Golf - Contribute and compete in teams

Big Hole Golf - We make golf easier

Modified Holes - Change the course to suit your golf

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Suggest an Event for Everyone 10

Tropics will help you get you new golf event started because ….

You’ve got a cause you want everyone to support

You’ve got a community you want everyone to serve

You’ve got a challenge you want to issue to everyone

You’ve got a new format you want to see everyone play

You’ve got the germ of an idea that you think everyone will enjoy

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Competition Golf


Play competition golf 11

Accept the challenge to play better golf at Tropics

Enjoy your achievement at competition play

Learn new formats of golf play

Team up with your mates and make new friends

Competition golfers improve faster

​Keep up with the latest Tropics news

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Start playing competitions 12

Get into competition golf at Tropics

Join Tropics to get the golf ball rolling

Learn the basic rules with your FREE rules book

Play and score three 18 hole rounds with a golfer with a handicap

Submit the three score cards to our golf shop staff

Our golf shop staff will show you how to book a comp game online

Book your game and register in our golf shop on the day

After the game, our golf shop staff will show you how to submit your card

Now that you’re started, enjoy regular competition golf

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Golf Competitions at Tropics 13

Choose the competition you want to play

Single and pairs competitions on Saturdays

Wednesday to Friday single competitions

Sunday competition variety; Team Matchplay, Skins, Ambrose, Novelty events

Annual championship events

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