Why Play Golf?

What this page needs to achieve


  • Why we play golf and why you should too.



  • 3 or 4 video clips at top showing golfers having fun, with text (headline/punchline) overlays



  • Each short paragraph headed by precis



  • Punchy, short paragraphs that back up the headline / precis claims

  • Each dot-point below is a sentence, to be grouped under (a number of) paragraph headings


  • Written as if the viewer is already a golfer, outline the benefits that they ARE enjoying and their motivations for playing.


  • Golf is spelt F.U.N.

  • Golf is a healthy, outdoor activity

  • You meet new people when you play golf

  • You form lasting friendships by playing golf

  • You retreat to an oasis in the hectic modern lifestyle when you play golf

  • You bring the family closer by playing golf together

  • The self discipline of golf serves you well in your domestic and working life

  • The drive to improve at golf sharpens your career prospects

  • You become part of a strong an close community of golfers

  • Golf requires balance, movement and coordination skills that help you in life

  • Golf requires mental skills, especially concentration, that help you in life



Do you​

  • Thrive on meeting challenges or,

  • Enjoy achieving goals or,

  • Crave opportunities for self improvement or,

  • Need to occasionally relax and let your cares float away or,

  • etc.....?

Then golf is the game for you


  • Enjoyment

  • Health

  • Social

  • Family

  • Career

  • Business

  • Community

  • Skills


  • Challenge

  • Achievement

  • Self Improvement

  • Relaxation

  • Escape (change of pace)