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What this page needs to achieve


  • This is a dual purpose page, first to be entertaining and engaging (a hook / come-on) the help viewers identify with us.

  • The entertainment content should be in dynamic graphics or video, titled and precised with body text underlayed.

  • Second purpose is to inform both the casual viewer (demonstrating how we keep you up to date) and the current participant.

  • The information content should be clearly laid out and be click to read.


  • Needs to be engaged by the graphics content, persuaded to at least stop and browse.

  • Needs to see that participants are kept informed.



  • Needs to absorb the graphics content, perhaps to even read some of the body of the news.

  • Needs to know how participants are kept informed.



  • Needs to see and read the news, keeping themselves informed as they are entertained.


  • Heavy emphasis on graphics (video when possible) for news features.

  • Just the facts ma'am for the newsletters an Vets news content.


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