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Your Celebration Event Choices

Wouldn't an events 'gallery' be more effectively placed on the GOLF EVENTS and CELEBRATION EVENTS pages as part of the sales pitch?

What this page needs to achieve


  • Honestly, I haven't got my head around what the page is to achieve and what content should be on this page.

  • One thought are that there would probably be separate video and picture galleries on the page.

  • Another thought is that we are offering respite (lightening the sight) with some eye candy

  • Perhaps we are entertaining the viewer with an eye to engaging them and consequently having them identify with us.

  • Maybe this is our events 'shop window'?



  • Pure entertainment. A reason to revisit the sight.



  • 'Sight-bites'.



  • Perhaps the serious viewer will click on this page before they click on the Celebration or Golf Events pages?

  • Respite from the 'heaviness' of reading.


  • Video and images are the stars I think.

  • Overlayed (visible) text should be titling the graphic

  • Underlayed (click to reveal) text [if any] should only be by way of explaining the graphic


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