Your Tropics Celebration Event

What this page needs to achieve


  • This page is targeted at people who want to get their own celebration event up and running (wedding, party etc)

  • As such the page is sales oriented, but more to serious viewers.

  • Graphics play a bigger role here than for golf events.



  • Will see that we host celebration events at Tropics.

  • Glancers will probably be checking a large number of sites, we want to make them spend a little extra time checking us out.

  • Stick to the formula of feeding the glancer with graphics and headlines. 



  • Will see that if you have your reception or party at Tropics, that we will help you.

  • Perhaps this will encourage the browser to pursue their ideas.

  • Formula again, precis on graphics and heading paragraphs.



  • Our most likely targets should see what we are prepared to do for them.

  • We want to lead these readers to connect with our events person and get the ball rolling.

  • Yep, readers are going into the body text to get the information they need.


  • Readers perspective of how easy we make it to run you celebration at Tropics.

Your Celebration Event Services

Big Room

Gallery here to exhibit the assets and advantages of holding your celebration at Tropics

Get In Touch

Your Celebration Event Choices

  • Levels of event - bare bones through to semi serviced (mid level) ???

  • Room hire

  • Room setup and take-down

  • Drinks menu and service

  • Full service kitchen attached to event room

  • Our caterer or yours?

  • Costs?

The Tropics advantage

  • Room size

  • Air conditioned

  • Fully carpeted

  • Bar

  • Kitchen

  • Full surround balcony

  • Golf course vistas

Get Your Celebration Event Going

  • Contact our events coordinator

  • Design your celebration

  • Make your booking