Better Golf in Townsville

Learning Choices

What this page needs to achieve


  • The page is a recruiting tool to grow our market of (new) golfers.

  • The page must convince the viewer that coaching is an integral part of golf.

  • The viewer is not a complete golfer without coaching.

  • Most golfers don't 'get' what coaching is all about, we must enlighten them.

  • Some golfers 'get it' (or at least think they do), we must inform them about their choices.

  • This is fundamentally a 'sales' page, the viewer must know how to 'purchase'.

  • It would be nice (eventually) to be able to book lessons online.



  • Graphics (images first, videos eventually) at top to entice them to browse.



  • Usually needs to know what coaching is about.

  • First paragraph is precis of how golfers benefit from coaching.



  • Most will need information, clear paragraph distinctions (titling) headed by precis (teaser).

  • Some are looking for choices, clear listings by paragraph.


  • Page flows from information (at top) to sales pitch (below).

  • Writing is in a 'me' style, future tense.

Start playing golf

  • How easy it is to get started at golf

  • How important it is to get started the right way

  • Where we can take you from there (your golf development pathway)

  • How much we care about your golf

Learn, to be a better golfer

  • Coaching is for the golfer

  • It's about you enjoyment of golf

  • It's about forming a relationship with your coach

  • The coach genuinely wants you to be better

Coaching Options

  • New golfer campaigns and classes

  • Family Golf Leagues and Classes

  • Essentials Golf Campaigns and Leagues

  • Private group classes

  • One on one lessons

  • All abilities classes and programs

Golf for all abilities

  • Add later, when relevant


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